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China recruitment refers to the process of finding possible candidates for a job or function, undertaken by recruiters China or recruiting China. It may be undertaken by an recruitment agency in China or a member of staff at the business or organisation looking for recruiters China. Either China talent recruitment way it may involve advertising , commonly in recruitment agency in China section of a newspaper or in a newspaper dedicated to job adverts china recruitment site. Chinese recruiting employment agencies will often advertise jobs in their windows. Posts can also be advertised at a job centre if they are targeting the china recruitment site.

Suitability for a job is typically assessed by looking for skills, e.g. communication skills, typing skills, computer skills. Evidence for skills required for a job may be provided in the form of qualifications (educational or professional), experience in a job requiring the relevant skills or the testimony of references. Employment agencies may also give computerised tests to assess an individual's off hand knowledge of software packages or typing skills. At a more basic level written tests may be given to assess numeracy and literacy . Chinese recruiting A candidate may also be assessed on the basis of an interview . Sometimes candidates will be requested to provide a résumé (also known as a CV) or to complete an application form to provide this evidence china recruitment site.

The follow-up process may be referred to as part of the recruiting China process (recruiting China): inveigling the selected candidate or candidates to take up the target job or function. This applies particularly in filling positions in the military or in expanding the human resource base of a cult .

Head-hunting or recruiting China is a frequently used name when referring to recruiters and recruiting China, but there are significant differences. In general, a company would employ a head-hunter when the normal China recruitment efforts have failed to provide a viable candidate for the job. Head-hunters are generally more aggressive than in-house recruiters and will use direct cold calling techniques, advanced sales techniques , personal visits to the candidates office and will purchase expensives lists of names and job titles. In general, recruiters will do their best to attract candidates for specific jobs while head-hunters will actively seek them out. Many companies go to great efforts to make it difficult for head-hunters to locate their employees.

Despite the existence of Chinese recruitment consultancy are suffering from a severe test, but did not stop a new round of financing China recruiting firm pace.Chinese recruitment consultancy will be input-output ratio imbalance. In addition, the recruitment industry with the customary pattern of change is difficult in a short period of time, Chinese recruitment consultancy is not able to do. At this stage recruitment network does not have the capacity of the market.

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  Jan 2013
Dalian office of GEN openned
  August 2012
ZW HR Consulting is now the exclusive member of InterSearch Worldwide in China
  August 2012
GEN has changed her company name to ZW HR Consulting with effect from 1 Sep 2012
  March 2012
Shenzhen office of GEN relocated
  February 2012
GEN was awarded by Tencent "Best Cooperation Partner 2011"
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